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I am charged with child molestation. What am I looking at in terms of possible consequences?


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Child molest cases are extremely difficult cases to defend because it usually comes down to one person’s word against another’s word, usually that of a minor.  Most attorneys shy away from handling these cases as they are labor intensive and subject to more specialized aggressive prosecution than any other type of case.  The severity of the consequences in these cases requires a heightened level of diligence and competence in defending them.  

A number of clients have been falsely accused of this crime.  False accusations frequently arise from divorce and child custody litigation where one spouse is trying to gain leverage on the case. 

Convictions on felony child molest cases typically result in lengthy prison sentences and mandatory lifetime registration as a sex offender.  Sexual registration is also required on some misdemeanor sex offenses.  For these reasons, it is essential that everyone facing these type of charges seek competent counsel to represent them.   

One bit if advice – while the case is pending watch out for the “set up” phone call from the alleged victim.  This phone call is being monitored by the police and tape recorded.  Assuming the alleged victim has consented to this procedure, the police do not need a wiretap authorization to do this.


I do not charge for initial consultations and my reasonable fees are determined by the seriousness of the charges.  Selecting the right attorney is a very important decision that can significantly affect your future.  Do not take this decision lightly.  I can help you, as I have done for hundreds of clients in the past.

The information contained herein is not intended to be advice concerning your individual situation, but rather is general in nature. Please rely upon your own attorney's advice regarding your specific case.

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