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Charged With a Crime?
Have Outstanding Warrants?
Under Criminal Investigation?

A situation such as this is one of the most traumatic events possible in your life.  The consequences to you and your family are potentially devastating.  Jail, prison, probation, fines, loss of license, etc. are all possible results of your arrest and subsequent conviction.

If you or someone for whom you care is in this situation, it is crucial you contact an experienced criminal attorney immediately.  If you want to be represented by one of the best available, contact Attorney Richard Muir.

No ethical attorney can guarantee results regarding your case.  But it is certainly reasonable for you to assume that an experienced, competent, well-regarded criminal defense attorney familiar with the legal procedures and protocol will increase the likelihood of a more favorable outcome.

If you or someone about whom you care is involved in a serious criminal law situation, it is clearly in your best interest to hire the best criminal defense attorney you can afford.  Quality representation is not inexpensive, but it should be considered  affordable when you consider its potential benefit to you.

Hire the best attorney you can afford.  The results should be worth the cost.

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Our office crafted this flow chart and Frequently Asked Questions to help you understand the criminal legal process and what happens next.

Attorney Richard Muir does not charge for initial consultations and our reasonable fees are determined by the seriousness of the charges.  Selecting the right attorney is a very important decision that can significantly affect your future.  Do not take this decision lightly.  I can help you, as I have done for hundreds of clients in the past.

The information contained herein is not intended to be advice concerning your individual situation, but rather is general in nature. Please rely upon your own attorney's advice regarding your specific case.

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